Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am on the fence with this movie. Nicolas Sparks movies/books seem to have recurring themes, so will this really be that different from A Walk to Remember and The Notebook?


  1. What you have a problem with movies that make you cry and yet make you feel good about the world you live in because they speak of the good that humanity seems to have lost?

  2. Cara doesn't seem to have a problem with them... rather it appears that her post questions whether his novels (and subsequent movies)are differentiated from each other. Will The Last Song bring a new idea/theme to the table? Or will it tell the same story as his previous novels with different characters & a slightly modified plot?

    Now, the arguable point here is whether Sparks novels "speak of the good that humanity seems to have lost".

    Humanity has certainly lost something if Nicolas Sparks novels are what stir soul-wrenching epiphanies...


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