Tuesday, March 9, 2010

city comparison: top contenders

My husband and I have been evaluating the different cities (see here) and these are our front runners. We will likely be visiting all three of these cities before the summer is through in order to get a better feel for them. While these are our top runners we are keeping an eye open for good opportunities in the other cities as well, we will have to follow the best opportunity in the end.

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Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake is a long shot, due to a distinct lack of opportunity, but it is our number one choice. There's no place like home.

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Dallas, Texas
The cost of living is hard to beat and the weather is so warm. Plus, it just seems like an awesome place.

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Denver, Colorado
Denver's easy access to family is a definite plus. It is an awesome city and the weather and mountains help to make it feel more like home.


  1. lol - for a split second I thought that top city was Provo. Ha.

  2. hard choice! If salt lake doesn't work out... I think either dallas or denver would be awesome. Although the negative to Dallas (in my opinion) is lack of outdoorsy stuff. It's just miles (hundreds of miles) of texas fields. no mountains. and you can drive for hours and still be in texas! But other than that... I love both places!! Denver is only a short drive, isn't it?


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