Thursday, March 18, 2010

the plate wall

via bluelines
I have been collecting plates for a plate wall. I have a wide variety of plates, some dating to the late 1800's, others circa 2010. I have struggled in trying to find a good combination and variety. I felt better after I read on Bluelines about how it took two years to collect the right collection of plates.

via grey likes nesting
One thing is certain, I need to diversify the size of plates and get some big plates.


  1. Now this is a collection I could get into. I love dishes. I own 4 different sets of 16, (all of which are currently in a storage unit) and can't wait to have millions more. Perhaps owning 1 plate from a collection would quite my need for more dishes. So long as you wash them before you use them...would you eat of them too? You know switch them around a bit?

  2. ooh I think that top image is gorgeous!!
    Lovely blog! :)


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