Tuesday, November 15, 2011

for the twins

This is the basis of the inspiration for the twins nursery. Two simple white cribs that come out from the wall.
I want to try putting a dresser between the cribs, although I still have to measure to ensure that this is possible for the wall space.
I kind of like this dresser as an inspiration for the room. I want one a little higher with maybe four drawers. And it will be painted, color tbd. Cribs are another story. We have to get two, which makes cost a consideration. Does anyone have any recommendations of crib brands you like or recommend avoiding?


  1. I don't know a ton about cribs since we have a hand-me-down from Pottery Barn (and therefore never shopped for one). But something that I've noticed is that since newer cribs no longer have drop sides, they are closer to the ground so that you can reach into them and get the baby when its on the lowest setting. An older crib that's been retrofitted to not let its side drop (like ours) is higher and a bear to get the kid out of.

    My mom has a simple, white crib with clean lines from IKEA that I really like.

  2. I bought my son's crib from jcpenny and were very pleased with it. It took him from a crib to a toddle bed. Amazingly, our diaper changer (if you want to go that route) is from Walmart dot com and we were thrilled with it. My son could climb up and down the sides (not safe, I know) but it never budged from the floor.

    Congratulations by the way.

  3. Ahhh. So many fun things to buy! The drop side cribs were all recalled so if buying new, they don't sell them anymore. We have two of them but we just don't use the drop. ANyway, one of ours is a hand me down from PB and is really nice and sturdy. My only complaint is that it has no bars at the head and foot of bed (kind of like a headboard) and crib bumpers never fit in there very securely. Drives me crazy.
    Basically we went with the buying used sturdy cribs instead of new cheaper cribs. I noticed at Babies r us the Jenny Lind white cribs are the cheapest in cost and very cute. My friend has one and has no complaints.


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