Thursday, August 4, 2011

for camilla

My sister-in-law recently found out she is allergic to pork, beef, spinach and lettuce. So Camilla, here are some tried and true recipes that you can still eat. Come to Texas and I will make them all for you!

My favorite black bean burgers

Pesto Pizza is a staple at our house (I buy the pesto from Costco)

and most importantly, Raspberry Coffee Cake


  1. and rice... you are seriously the best, thanks so much! I will try all of these.

  2. Spinach and lettuce are harder to live without than one might think...Beef is easy to substitute with ground turkey and chicken but pork... that can be a little more tricky if you can't have beef too. Oh! but there is always lamb. It can be pricy but when you really want a steak or something of the like, lamb fills the bill nicely. I really feel for her. Allergies are lame.


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