Tuesday, October 13, 2009

travel tuesday: pennsylvania

*This is by my little sister, I liked it. I was going to make one for myself but really work, class, study wasn't very interesting. She is living in DC right now and gets to tour the East Coast on the weekends..


Yesterday I went to Pennsylvania.

Yesterday was Sunday.

Yesterday all the Amish places were closed because it was Sunday.

Yesterday I went to Valley Forge for the first time.

Yesterday I ran the Rocky Steps.

Yesterday I got to talk to my friends Rose and Holly. It was nice. They are wonderful. I miss them.

Yesterday I went to the Number 1 ranked Haunted House in America. It was scary. I loved it.

Yesterday while in the Haunted House Steve out-acted the actors. I felt the full effects of it.

Yesterday I ate a true Philly Cheese steak from the 2 best places in town, Geno's and Pat's. Pat's was better.

Yesterday is history.


Today a Kiosk ripped Dave and I off. Dave got really mad at it. I was amused.

Today we went back to that Kiosk and it gave us more money then we gave it.

Today a Park Ranger blew a whistle at me. A lot.

Today I saw the Liberty Bell.

Today I saw Benjamin Franklin's grave.

Today I stood in the room where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed by our Founding Fathers.

Today I went to a town called Intercourse...yes someone really did name it that and yes it is an Amish town.

Today I learned how to twist and make a pretzel.

Today was an unusual day.


Tomorrow I am not working.

Tomorrow I get the honor of visiting Arlington Cemetery and the World War II monument with World War II Veterans. I wish my Grandfather was going to be there.

Tomorrow is still mostly a mystery.


  1. Thanks for the Scarlet Pimpernel suggestion! That is perfect. Because it is double bonus if I actually enjoy the process of bettering myself. Also, I stumbled on your family blog via someone else's, and have been happily snooping. Just so you know.



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