Wednesday, October 21, 2009

courting chair

Have you ever seen a courting chair before? I saw one on my trip to Kentucky, they are pretty awesome. I think I want one someday. Preferably with different fabric.

photo found here


  1. I've seen these before. They look lovely although I can't imagine they are terribly comfortable!

  2. I saw one of these in Cameron, NC (my favorite antique shopping destination) - but my friend and I couldn't figure out where we'd put it, so she ended up getting a small chaise instead.

  3. There's one in the lobby of Cafe Sava - down on State St. in Ann Arbor. Awesome restaurant too, stick around for the food!

  4. I own one - same design but it has a lot more upholstery on the top part than the one shown. The only wooden parts on mine are the legs. It's actually quite comfy, it's got smooshy seats and I'm petite so I can sit on it with my legs kicked up over the center "armrest" part. It's pretty awkward to decorate kind of needs its own room. But it's worth it. I have several friends who are waiting for me to die so I can will it to them. The one in the picture above is beautiful!!!


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