Monday, July 13, 2009

birthday cakes

Devil's Food Cake

Yellow Butter Cake

My husband's birthday is this week so a birthday cake must be made. Unfortunately cakes, frosting and I have had a bad relationship as of late. Hopefully we can fix that this week. Perhaps with one of these chocolate cakes? Any tips on making cake making and frosting are appreciated!


  1. Sorry, I don't have any tips to offer you. I rarely make them from scratch anymore (except for cheesecake). Besides, since my mother is a chocoholic we don't really have a choice as to what kind of cake we can make. It was chocolate cake and chocolate frosting until I was 13 and demanded a yellow cake!

  2. I have a bad relationship with frosting, too. But, I've learned to freeze your unfrosted cakes even if just for a little while before frosting them. It's supposed to help. But my crew loves a store bought cake, so I don't have much opportunity to bake them.

  3. No tips here, but omg those cakes look delish!

  4. i always have a terrible time trying to make cakes. i wish you lots of luck!


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