Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wheat Grass

I am very excited for spring. It keeps promising me it has arrived but a rainy day like today is not the spring I am seeking. I am excited to play outside and begin planting.

The other day I saw on We Chirp ( a fun blog you should check out) a link to Dandee's etsy shop and the above pictured can of spring. After a phone call to my mother, who called our ultimate crafting source of knowledge, my aunt, I learned how to grow wheat grass. It is so easy and perfect for spring.

First you need to buy hard red winter wheat berries. You can buy these at any organic health food type store such as Whole Foods or Wild Oats. After procuring the berries bring them home and soak them in water for 24 hours. Next drain the water.

You can plant your wheat grass in any type of container with very damp soil. I really like the container that Dandee used or you could use a shorter pan so that you can keep your grass short and put Easter eggs in it.

Whatever you choose, you want to take the wheat berries and sprinkle them over the dirt. The first time I did it I was not very liberal in my spreading and it is not as thick as I would like. So I would spread it over the dirt very thick like in the picture below.

After you have spread it out take a piece of plastic wrap and place it down right on the wheat berries. You want to keep it very moist so that they will sprout. You will want to leave the plastic wrap on until they have started sprouting. During this time you want to make sure it stays very damp and moist. You can either sprinkle some water on by hand or a squirt bottle would work well. You don't want it to drown in water, just to be damp.
And pretty soon the wheat berries will begin sprouting.
and blades will begin to pop up! (this is the one where I did not put enough wheat berries on)

And Wheat Grass! It grows really fast. I just keep the dirt damp by watering it every day or two. I have already cut my daughter's (the one in the red dixie cup) down.

If you are really healthy, I hear drinking shots of wheat grass is all the rage. But I'm just really trying to grow some spring inside.


*Just a little note, you remember Guest Blogger Camille? She will be a regular contributor now. So any references to "my children", it's all her.


  1. thanks for the great idea. I have always wanted to do this! and how are you anyway?

  2. sorry, its Sarajane not Rob, guess I am signed in as him.


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