Friday, February 24, 2012

mobiles on my mind

I currently have a deep obsession with felted balls. I used them to make a spring garland (pictures later), I am purchasing a bunch to make mobiles and am considering buying some to use in lieu of dryer sheets. Not to mention the fact that last week I bought some roving wool to learn how to make them myself (it was easy but my hands killed the next day and I quickly determined it was worth it to buy them pre-made). They also make wonderful cat toys, at least my cats think so.
These are my mobile inspirations for the twins room. The second, from Sunshine Design, looks more realistic than the first for my homemade version. The first picture, from Puka Puka, is my favorite and unfortunately out of my price range, I keep trying to figure out how I could make my own. If you have any suggestions on how to make the first please leave them, I would love to try to make a similar mobile.

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