Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a return

Over the past two years I have done very little projecting or crafting. Now that I have graduated I am enjoying a vast amount of free time and thus the projecting has begun again!
My Mom made the base for this advent calendar 20+ years ago. She gave it to me so I could create a similar advent to the one my husband had in his house growing up. I made the ornaments from felt. My sister-in-law has been experimenting with painting the back of an advent with magnetic paint to avoid having to put velcro all over an advent and it worked! I still need to add magnets to the ornaments, paint the back of the tree with magnetic paint and put numbers on the pockets, but getting the ornaments made felt like a big hurdle passed.
This project took 10 minutes. Inspired by how my sister-in-law hangs her Christmas cards, I bought a bunch of clothes pins for $2, cut some red ribbon from my stash and put no fray on the edges and voila!

Now I just need to finish all the other million projects that I put aside for grad school.

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