Thursday, October 28, 2010

cabin bedrooms

Today I have been searching cabin bedrooms. I found close to nothing. Most cabin bedrooms on Google could easily be mistaken for a seedy motel, no thanks. Although there are few examples, a cabin (or cottage) can still have beautiful rooms sans motel blankets and pre-fabricated quilts.

From my hours of searching I have determined these are the basics for a rustic room.

Simple. Cabin decor should be simple and rustic. Wooden rocking chairs? Perfect.

Warm. Those paper thin motel-esque bed lines? They won't keep you warm at night and they don't look good. A good white comforter is essential.

Quilts. Perfectly acceptable, they add a touch of the rustic and they are generally warm. I think the best way to showcase them is at the foot of the bed. At the very least fold the top over so you can see some white from the sheets or comforter. None of this fold the quilt over the pillows so you see nothing else.
via Stephmodo, Great Interior Design, Winter Park Home

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