Friday, December 11, 2009


I fell in love with genealogical fan charts when I saw Martha Stewart's template. Unfortunately her template only covers seven generations and I really want a 9 or 10 generation chart. I found some reasonable 9 and 10 generation charts online.

While searching for the charts I came across the Genealogy Fans blog. You can send Hilary your pedigree chart and she will fill in the fan with her beautiful hand writing.

Genealogy Fans uses this Misbach nine generation chart.

This is a ten generation chart, you can get it without the family crests, which would be my personal preference.

I think this is my favorite chart. In the picture that accompanies Martha Stewart's template, she uses a chart like this.

You can also download a free eight generation chart here.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! What a neat idea.

  2. that is gorgeous! my grandpa traced back the genealogy of my family many generations...but my dad's side of the family is not as well known. i'd have a lopsided chart!

  3. These are very cool. Wonder if I can find one for 14 plus?

  4. Cara I love this! My dad is a huge genealogy geek-what a perfect b-day present idea!


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