Tuesday, November 17, 2009

city comparison: san jose, california

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My husband and I are starting the preliminary search for our post graduate school move. We have so many cities on this list so we are starting to research them so we can eliminate some. First up, San Jose, California. In the Bay Area and recommended by a friend.
Warmer on average
11 hour drive to parents
Very Expensive
Crime Rate higher than the National Average
No major sports teams (by major I mostly mean basketball, football, and baseball- Pro and College) this is a big one for the husband.

Median Property- $610,000
Median Family Income- $84,857
Median Age- 34.1
Population- 889,309
Crime Rate- (the national average is 100, the lower, the better)
Personal Crime Risk- 101
Property Crime Risk- 67
Restaurants- 3,475
via money magazine


  1. I will cry if you don't move back to Utah. And I am not going to visit you in San Jose.

  2. Pish posh! San Jose defaults to all the San Francisco teams-the 49er's (especially if they move to Santa Clara) the Giants, and you can even have the Golden State Warriors.
    And, there is a San Jose MLS soccer team. Take that Husband.

  3. Don't forget that CA has really high taxes and is constantly bankrupt. We are still holding an IOU for our 2008 tax return! I find that very annoying.


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