Friday, July 25, 2008

Recipes that sound good right now

I am working a full day today (the glorious life of a temp, I only occasionally work full days) and starting to get hungry, looking at food blogs probably doesn't help. Here are some recipes that look/sound good right now.

Baked Chimichangas -it is about half way down the page, there are a lot from Cookbook Junkies that look good right now...

BBQ Chicken Salad- Oh this sounds so good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. This is one of my all time favorite salads. If you check out Picky Palate make sure to look at the Brushetta Chicken, it is delicious.

Roasted Red Pepper and Edamame Postickers- I confess I have never tried Edamame, although I hear great things about it. I think I may need to venture out of my comfort zone and try it now.

Greek Inspired Chicken Burger- This recipe from More than Burnt Toast sounds so good (and looks good too.) Look at the rest of their recipes if you get the chance, there are a lot of yummy looking recipes.

Plum Sorbet- Doesn't that look amazing?

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