Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cakes and Cookies

I think Cake molds and cookie cutters make fun Baby Shower gifts as well. There will come a day when the Mother-to-be will need these for birthdays or just for fun (or so I assume.) Here are some of my personal favorites.

Train Cake
I don't love the way they decorated these trains but they have so much potential to be so fun!

Backyard bugs

I know some little girls who would LOVE these bugs.

A football stadium
I think this is any boys dream come true in cake form.

A giant cupcake
So fun for birthdays!

An airplane
This is the one I want someday. How fun would an airplane cake be for a little boy?
Shortbread mold
This is for cakes and brownies and although this really has no relevance to the child themed cakes here, I think it would turn out some pretty awesome brownies.
Vignette Springerle Mold
Again no overall relevance, but it makes such beautiful cookies, how can you resist? Do you think you could use sugar cookie dough on this? I wonder...

Castle Cake
I like this one because you can make it into a sand castle with some brown sugar sand but it also has potential as a more fancy castle with frosting.

Tilting Cake Turntable
This looks like something that could come in handy when decorating a cake but seriously what do I know?

Mechanical Pastry Bag
This is an essential when you are going to decorate cupcakes, cookies or cakes. And this one looks so much easier and user friendly. I think I may get one of these and try my hand at cake decorating this summer. (Although I prefer ice cream cakes, my husband likes the real thing, plus it could be fun!)

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